June 15, 2017

Modest Swimwear for Modern Moms

The words modern and modest rarely go hand-in-hand. Especially when you add the word swimsuit. Finding modest modern swimsuit typically doesn't happen, which can be frustrating. I want to look more modern than matronly, but I refuse to bare the goods any more than I have to.

Two years ago, I found a black & white striped rash guard top from Old Navy that was on clearance for $10.79. I absolutely love it! It protects my ghostly white skin from the sun and it's surprisingly cute. I typically pair the top with black bottoms and whatever bikini top I can find.

Similar rash guard top

Now that the girls are getting bigger, we'll be spending more time at the pool since they love to swim. So, I set out to find a few bikini tops that are modern, modest, and could be worn both as a regular bikini set or under my striped rashguard.

The cheapest option I've found is this high-neck bikini top from Target ($17.99, see below). I love it, Robert loves it, and the girls think I look "awesome." Mission accomplished. 😄

I also REALLY like the blousy tankini tops, halter bikinis, and reversible bikini tops from Athleta. But the tops alone cost $84, $54, and $64....so I'll have to do a hard pass.

Blousy tankini - $84

Halter high neck bikini - $54

Reversible bikini - $64

I'm also a fan of Lime Ricki Swimwear based on looks alone. I, personally, cannot speak to the quality of their products or how they fit, but I know a few other modest bloggers who have made purchases from Lime Ricki and spoke highly of the line.

Lime Ricki Swimwear

What are some of your favorite swim tops that are modest & modern? I'd love to get some more ideas!

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