I used LipSense lip color for the first time in August 2016 and fell deeply in love with the product. I love that I can kiss on my husband and girls without leaving lip marks all over them! I also never have to worry about reapplying my lips after I eat or drink. It truly is a godsend for a mom (or any woman!) that wants to look "put together" but not have to primp all day, every day. Plus, I love the 100% Money Back Guarantee or color exchange if you're not completely happy with the product. I'm a pretty thrifty person, so having that guarantee is like icing on the cake!

I became an authorized distributor of LipSense (SeneGence) in January 2017 and would love to have your business! My favorite product is LipSense, but I also love the eyeshadow, self tanner, and skin care line.

SeneGence has an entire line of kiss proof, sweat proof, and cruelty free products. Take a look at the color selection and let me know if you have any questions. You can place an order online using Distributor ID: 271902 or by emailing me directly. I'm always happy to help and frequently run special sales on my IG account (@humblehardy).

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